Warrior of the Portal Poster (2012)

Oscar diaz 226264 osuka warriors of the portal

Poster Final Art

Oscar diaz calendarposte

Print of the poster

Poster made for the Newgrounds Calendar 2013.

A collection of characters from the webpage Newgrounds.com, modeled in 3D and Rendered with flat colors + watercolor effects.

Original Characters designs:

-Pico, Nene, Darnell: Tom Fulp
-Alien Hominid, Dad, Hatty, Castle Crashers: Tom Fulp/Dan Paladin
-Tankman & Gigantor: Jeff Bandelin
-Larry: Jazza
-Hank & Madness Zombies: Krinkles
-Red Baron & Mindchamber: Mindchamber
-Gooseman: Sexual-Lobster
-Time Fcuk: Edmund McMillen
-Sera: RobsH66

P-Bot model made by: Mindchamber